Security and privacy

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The Simployer Group consists of the companies Simployer AS, Simployer AB and Simployer Solutions AS, hereafter named as Simployer. Simployer has security as a basic criterion in all our work. To protect the customer's data in the best possible way, we have divided the security work into four main categories.


Simployer has a set of standard agreements that are part of a signed contract. The agreements regulate Simployer's and the customer's duties and obligations and obligations against Norwegian and Swedish legislation. For products in the Simployer suite and the HSE Deviation product, a separate Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is prepared for the customer.

Information Security

We work with information security to establish methods of confidentiality, data integrity and access control for all customer data. Read more here.

Data security

We work with data security involving various forms of physical protection of data, systems and infrastructure. Read more here.

Privacy (GDPR)

We work continuously with privacy, ensuring that our solutions do not violate national legislation and GDPR. We follow the principals set out by the Data Inspectorate, so that data will never be available to anyone but the rightful owners and users. We enable our customers to fulfill their GDPR requirements. Read more here .

GDPR questions and answers

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